OF BODY is a Māori-run aromatic future-fume lab based in Aotearoa, exploring the universe of olfactive artistry. Its creations are proudly conceptualised, formulated, composed, tested, tweaked, and released from its box lab in the suburb of Mt Cook

Launched in 2020 and spawned from an obsession with raw materials and the astral trapdoors of the neural cortex, OB began by creating scent-scapes as an art form – born from the underbelly of the DIY music scene and behind-the-scenes film sets

Te Whanganui-a-Tara, Wellington, is the fulcrum of this sensory world, the brainchild of multimedia artist and autodidactic scentsmith Nathan Taare. Refined over years of experimentation, travel, and exploration, OB is rooted in creating scent as an art form and spiritual healer. It brings invisible evocations, dancing skin and bone through the matrix of modern-day life, basking in a realm of aromatically induced higher consciousness

For more information, visit ofbody.nz

VENETIAN LIBIDODecember 2021Eau de parfum

Venetian Libido by Nathan Taare
Inspired by and dedicated to Lee Jensen R.I.P 4.01.1964 – 21.12.2021